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3 Major benefits of attending a conference


There are so many conferences put on each year. These conferences are the hub of learning, a great place to socialize, best opportunity to find and meet with some big names in your area of expertise. So it will not be a good decision to miss an important conference.

While selecting the conference to join you may consider about the topic of the conference, joining fee, travel and lodging expenses, background and popularity of the speaker etc. Sometimes the joining fee may affect your budget. But the conferences with low joining fee are not always best. You should check whether the joining fee includes the lodging and other expenses. If yes, then it may not be that much high as you think. Apart from that the location of the conference is to be considered. If it’s in your city or somewhere nearer to you, it will save your traveling and lodging expenses.

If you find information about an upcoming conference and some of your favorite speakers will be there, it’s very hard to resist and will be a good decision to join. After all it will be a great chance to meet with them and listen to them. Who knows, you may get time to share words with them and get their contact details.

So when you have decided to join a conference and wish to make the best use of your time there, just remember these points and make your conference visit a remarkable one.


As we all know this is the best thing of every conference, everyone get a lot of opportunity to learn new things. Just concentrate on only those topics’ interests you. Never go to attend a session you don’t like. No need to get bored while you can make the best use of your time. So take look at the agenda and decide which session to join and which are not.


The conference center will be filled with people of your industry and having the similar ambition that you have. So meet them, chat and if possible try to get their contact details. Never stop at one person while you can make a good circle of communication with so many likeminded people with your area of expertise.


Sharing with world through social media is no longer a new thing. You are at the conference and you will be out of social world, that can’t happen. Take some photos, records some videos and share them with Instagram and YouTube. You will start getting replies. Update about the sessions and speakers in twitter and Facebook. It will not only make your profile active there in the social media but you can get more attention through hash tag and by tagging the great people you meet there.



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5 Helpful Tips for Successful Academic Paper Presentations


So there is a great up-coming conference about your area of study and you have decided to attend. Send them the abstract of your paper and wait for their response. After receiving an acceptance from them, now it’s time to prepare for the presentation. Actually, a presentation is one of the easiest ways to stand out an academic conference.

So it’s the time to think about a successful paper presentation and we are going to follow some simple yet vital tips for this.

Preparing the Presentation:

Visual presentations are widely used and the easiest way for academic paper presentations too. So you should be well acquainted with PowerPoint slideshows. While preparing the presentation never small fonts always make it the little bit larger, so that it can be readable easily. Actually, the presentation screen is larger than your computer screen and you should keep that point in mind. Try to make it short and use only important information. Use bullet points to make it simple and easy. In order to fill that extra space in the presentation due to less content, use relevant Images and Charts.

Before Presentation:

Arrive at the conference room little early and check the equipment you are supplied to make the presentation. Test them and connect your PowerPoint file. It’s good if everything is working fine; else ask for another good one. After proper setup wait for your turn.

The Presentation:

Briefly tell about the topic. Try to get the interest and attention of the audience in the opening.  Let them know about the structure and main points of the presentation. The audience wants to listen and know about your research. So tell them. Don’t waste your time with providing information. That basic information of your research is already known to most of the people and you shouldn’t waste your time on that. Be sure that your presentation is meaningful and contents some great points of your research. Data and case studies should be there to make it more live. Don’t overload your PowerPoint file with so many stuff.


If you are new at delivering your research presentation, it may feel uncomfortable for you. So you need a lot of practice. Practice it at home or among friends or in front of your guide. Practice a lot and be sure that you will never stop at the conference while showing the presentation.

Remember the Time:

Time is the important thing and your presentation has also a time limit. You need to remember it carefully and be sure to make the best use of this. In order to make the best use of your short allotted time, you need to practice it before. While practicing at home you should make the limited time barrier and practice accordingly. This will help you to make a proper time management and successful paper presentation.

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Things you must know about Academic Conference Alert Service


Things you must know about Academic Conference Alert Service

Conferences, consortium, seminars and other professional gatherings have become smart knowledge nodal points, which play an important part in the life of students and professionals alike. These days’ academic conferences are very common in educational curriculum of students. Many institutions organize meetings in their capacities and therefore, there can be a healthy number of such conferences you are dealing with on an average.

You can come well in such situations by opting for conference alert services, which ensure that you get updates on various conferences, meetings, seminars, etc, events on a single platform. Another standout feature of these services lies in the geographically categorized listing of corporate and academic events. One can get hold of every international conference lined up in any continent, country, state or city in a very convenient manner on these listings. However, do follow the below checklist for examining the efficiency of your preferred conference alert services.

Few Important Things to Consider Before Subscribing to Conferences Alert Services

Many people will say many things, but the matter of the fact is it’s always better to have a rational thought over anything else to validate the efficiency of any product. In this case, let’s do a quick discussion on salient features of the conferences alert services, which at the end will help us make an authentic statement.

The periodicity of Updates: Any alert services, which list academic conferences, must adhere to a very periodic update of new submissions as it will keep users most updated. As far as best practices is concerned, alert services must update their records daily, and if can afford to do few times a day is much better.

Strategic Categories: Alert services receive almost thousands of entries each day from various parts of the world. In such case, you may see yourself in a total mess. Since international conference attracts the audience from every corner of the world, it’s better to categorize these listings according to the place of organization. Say, every conference held in London must be listed under Europe and England in Continent and country categories, respectively.

Once you see these features in any conference alert services, it won’t be difficult for you to make a sound choice. However, for better estimation of these services, it’s wise only to consult customer support for your queries.

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International Conference on Recent Innovations in Engineering & Technology


International Conference on Recent Innovations in Engineering & Technology

Gandhi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Gunupur is organizing International Conference on Recent innovations in Engineering and Technologies (ICRIET-2K16) during November 5th – 6th, 2016 at Gunupur, Dist- Rayagada, Odisha, India.

The aim of the International Conference is to accumulate and exchange innovative ideas, latest knowledge and unique experiences for the benefits of researchers, industrialists, academicians and other participants.

Academicians, industry practitioners, research scholars and students are invited to contribute original research papers in mail id:  icriet2k16@giet.edu
Speakers and Panel members are from NIT, IIT and renowned universities of Abroad.

Selected Papers will be published by SCOPUS, ORCID, THOMSON REUTERS, PROQUEST, INDEX COPERNICUS, RESEARCH GATE, GOOGLE SCHOLAR indexed journals.Visit website http://www.icriet.com