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3 Major benefits of attending a conference

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There are so many conferences put on each year. These conferences are the hub of learning, a great place to socialize, best opportunity to find and meet with some big names in your area of expertise. So it will not be a good decision to miss an important conference.

While selecting the conference to join you may consider about the topic of the conference, joining fee, travel and lodging expenses, background and popularity of the speaker etc. Sometimes the joining fee may affect your budget. But the conferences with low joining fee are not always best. You should check whether the joining fee includes the lodging and other expenses. If yes, then it may not be that much high as you think. Apart from that the location of the conference is to be considered. If it’s in your city or somewhere nearer to you, it will save your traveling and lodging expenses.

If you find information about an upcoming conference and some of your favorite speakers will be there, it’s very hard to resist and will be a good decision to join. After all it will be a great chance to meet with them and listen to them. Who knows, you may get time to share words with them and get their contact details.

So when you have decided to join a conference and wish to make the best use of your time there, just remember these points and make your conference visit a remarkable one.


As we all know this is the best thing of every conference, everyone get a lot of opportunity to learn new things. Just concentrate on only those topics’ interests you. Never go to attend a session you don’t like. No need to get bored while you can make the best use of your time. So take look at the agenda and decide which session to join and which are not.


The conference center will be filled with people of your industry and having the similar ambition that you have. So meet them, chat and if possible try to get their contact details. Never stop at one person while you can make a good circle of communication with so many likeminded people with your area of expertise.


Sharing with world through social media is no longer a new thing. You are at the conference and you will be out of social world, that can’t happen. Take some photos, records some videos and share them with Instagram and YouTube. You will start getting replies. Update about the sessions and speakers in twitter and Facebook. It will not only make your profile active there in the social media but you can get more attention through hash tag and by tagging the great people you meet there.



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